Terrortoma (EP) - Digital Download (MP3)

The band's debut EP, up for digital download.

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I Had An Error
Glenn Branca From Sri Lanka
Pseudophiles (EP Version)

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Funded via PledgeMusic by these incredibly lovely people:

Pete Smith, James Clayton, David Goldring, Dave Baker, Wesley Gabbard, Constanze Höpner, Tracy Taylor, Jan Beesley, Tasha Bee, Haneesha Flora, Mr Adrian Koe, Alan (Surname not given! - Hi Alan!), Andrew FlemIng, Ste O'Shea, Nicholas Cunningham, Matt Hellard, Mark Smart, Ben Reed, Josh Marshall, Rich Tutssel, Tim Baker, Jess Ruane and Jack Cahill.

Featuring Tim Baker, Stelios Ioakim & George Mitchell.

Mixed & mastered by Adam Walker.